Providing and promoting oral health for you and your loved ones is our top priority. Healthy teeth and gums are essential for your well being so it’s vital to protect your oral health. We’re dedicated to coaching you on how to maintain good oral home care, as well as providing regular check-ups to address potential concerns quickly.

Our preventative services include:


Regular check-ups are the key to maintaining stable teeth and gums throughout life. Performed twice a year, our exams not only assess overall gum and teeth health, they also evaluate the hard and soft tissues for any potential oral cancer concerns.

We recommend that children also see us around their third birthday and then every six months as they age.


Not all dental problems are visible to the naked eye, so taking regular X-rays of your teeth is crucial. These can help diagnose decay, cracks, infections, bone loss, and other problems. We recommend updating X-rays every 12 to 18 months because early detection allows for more conservative treatment options.

Our digital equipment reduces radiation exposure by 90% compared to traditional X-rays.


The best way to maintain optimal oral health is to come in for a screening twice a year. We recommend that children should see us around their third birthday, and then every six months as they grow. Their parents can be screened at the same time, establishing a valuable family routine that promotes the importance of life-long oral health.

Home Health Care

We take great pride in working with our patients to personalize home health care regimens that reduce gum disease and cavities. Brushing twice a day, preferably with an electric toothbrush, for at least two minutes removes teeth- and gum-damaging bacteria.

Flossing daily prevents the plaque from hardening into tartar, which can cause gum recession and even eventual bone loss.

We specialize in developing alternative home-care strategies for those who have decreased dexterity or medical limitations.

Watch Video on Brushing & Flossing


Using fluoridated toothpaste improves enamel strength, decreasing the risk of cavities. We also recommend yearly in-office fluoride treatments because research has proven it results in cavity reduction, sensitivity reduction, and overall gum health improvement.


Applying a plastic coating to vulnerable teeth is very effective in blocking the bacteria-laden plaque that is the primary cause of cavities. The sealant, when applied to the chewing surfaces of molars, greatly reduces the occurrence of cavities. Sealants are especially recommended for children ages 6 to 12 with newly formed permanent teeth.

Sports Guard

We fit athletes and others with plastic mouth guards that are used during physical activities to protect the teeth, jaw, lips and tongue from dental injuries. Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth if they’re not wearing a sports guard.

Watch Video on Sealants and Sports Guards

Follow Ups

We follow up with patients who have had major dental work done and encourage patients to let us know how they are doing at any time. We believe that communication is essential for effective treatment and that doesn’t end when you leave our office.

Snoring Appliances

Dentists play a key role in recognizing and managing sleep-disordered breathing. We are trained in the use of oral appliances and work together with physicians to provide the most effective equipment for our patients who snore.

Our Services

Regular dental care is the key to keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout life.
We provide a full range of dental services, including care for patients with special needs.


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